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Radio Survey

CK Marine performs initial and periodic radio safety surveys (GMDSS) on behalf of most major Classification Societies.

Contact us today to arrange your Radio Survey.


CK Marine performs APT (Annual Performance Test) on Major VDR brands systems.

With these systems being an important element in the analysis of accidents or near miss incidents, it is imperative that they are always in optimal condition and able to record the required data accurately.

Contact us today to arrange your VDR APT.


LRIT is a satellite-based, real-time reporting system that enables the unique identification of the vessels’ global position, which would otherwise be invisible and be a potential threat to IMO member states.

The IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee adopted Resolution MSC.202(81) in 2006 requiring certification and testing for LRIT.

Contact us today to arrange your certification or set up a test.

Navigation / Communication

In CK Marine, we provide a proper service with spare parts of the navigation/communication system. Our services are not just limited to vessels that call in Singapore, we also have the network to arrange for the servicing of the navigation/ communication system with our overseas partners.

Contact us today to find out more.

CCTV System

Maritime CCTV system provides a real-time monitoring within the vessel within the confines of the bridge. It allows for immediate response and quick coordination to events that happen on the vessel.

Contact us today to find out more.

Annual Safety
Annual SVDR
LRIT Comformance
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